[Part 3] 2011 Year in Review for HFTP

[Part 1] 2011 Year in Review for Hospitality Technology

[Part 2] 2011 Year in Review for Hospitality Finance

As we begin 2012, we here at HFTP Connect are reflecting on highlights we saw from the previous year to maybe see where we will go in the coming year. This three part series includes the latest happenings in hospitality technology, hospitality finance and with HFTP.

For the final post in our three-part blog series, we focus on the cool things that happened to HFTP throughout the year. 2011 was a great year for HFTP and it looks like 2012 is going to be even bigger – especially with the 40th Anniversary of HITEC and the 60th Anniversary of the association!

But before we get ahead of ourselves looking into the future, let’s rewind and see what HFTP was up to last year:

1. Launch of HFTP Connect

Of course the launch of this blog is a big deal (otherwise we wouldn’t be here right now). The blog went live in March 2011 with a welcome note from then HFTP Global President Thomas Smith, CHAE. The purpose of the blog was to not only be the center of HFTP’s social media platform, but to also provide an educational voice for hospitality financial and technology professionals. Almost a year later, the blog continues to see contributions from industry insiders, as well as HFTP members. If you think you have something to contribute to the blog, learn more about it here>

2. Certification program becomes more accessible around the globe

It was a busy year for the Certification program. A lot of additional education tools made both the CHAE and CHTP more accessible to professionals around the world. With a webinar series educating on various parts of the test, practice exams and being able to take the exam online, both certifications are more global than ever before. Learn more here>

3. New bylaw passed allowing vendors on the Global board

There was big news for HFTP Allied members (vendors) this year. The HFTP Global board changed the bylaws to allow Allied members to now serve on the Global board of directors. The bylaws still reflect that they cannot serve on the Executive Committee though. So this coming year we will see our first vendor on the Global board. If you want that to be you – or if you’re a member and want to serve on the Global board or Executive Committee – now is the time to apply. Learn more here>

4. HFTP staff accomplishments

The HFTP Global staff had several accomplishments and milestones in 2011 that showcased HFTP as a prominent association:

Katy Walterscheidt is the PR & social media manager for HFTP. She is also the editor of HFTP Connect, the hospitality¬† professionals’ blog. You can reach her by e-mail at katy.walterscheidt@hftp.org.

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