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HFTP offers the only designations for finance and technology professionals in the hospitality industry: the Certified Hospitality Accountant Executive (CHAE®) and the Certified Hospitality Technology Professional (CHTP®) designations. But earning the designations is not as simple as just signing up. Rather, it takes much preparation.

Achieving the CHAE and/or the CHTP calls for following a recommended review path of studying, reading and looking at multiple resources. Even as a seasoned professional, you might not know all of the topics covered as the exams cover a wide-range of subjects. So, how do you even get started?

HFTP is here to support you on every step in your journey to earning these designations. Available to those studying for the CHAE and the CHTP exams are a variety of tools, resources and strategies to help you successfully pass. You can choose the review resources (one, two or all) that make sense for you.

Review podcasts have officially launched: Take your learning “on the go.”

HFTP has just released a series of downloadable podcasts as a new study resource for certification exam candidates. The podcasts are comprised of valuable exam content designed to help candidates study “on the go.” They can be played on portable devices like your laptop or phone — or even in your car.

Get an experienced mentor through the CAP program.

The Certification Advisory Program (CAP) was designed to assist CHAE and CHTP certification applicants by assigning them an experienced advisor. This mentor has already successfully passed the certification exam and will support you in one-to-one interactions and supplemental review to help with the certification exams.

From the comforts of your home or office: Watch the Archived Webinar Review Series.

View the CHAE and CHTP Archived Webinar Review Series of session recordings to help you prepare for the exam.

The CHAE Archived Review Series is presented by Arlene Ramirez, CHAE, CHE, CHIA, MBA and Kristopher Shoemaker, CMA, CHAE, CHTP, CGFO, CPIM.

Arlene is principal at ADR Hospitality Consulting and faculty member at the Conrad N. Hilton College of Hotel and Restaurant Management at the University of Houston where she teaches courses in hospitality accounting, finance and hotel development.

Kris teaches accounting and finance at the University of Florida’s Rosen College of Hospitality Management. His areas of expertise include accounting, finance, technology and strategy.

The CHTP Archived Review Series is presented by Dr. Paul A. Willie, PhD, CHAE+, CHTP, CMA. He is a professor at Niagara College in Ontario Canada, and his areas of expertise include accounting, finance, technology, hotel management, international business and strategy.

Go over the review slides to gain insight into the exam format and sample exam questions so you know what to expect on exam day.

Search hospitality resources on PineappleSearch®.

Search for a specific topic from the review slides in PineappleSearch, the only hospitality-specific search engine. Review all articles relating to that topic that appear in the search engine.

Take a practice exam.

Practice exams are very important to preparing for the actual exam. They test your knowledge on what you have studied, and they can identify your areas of strength as well as the areas that still need improvement or further study focus.

The CHAE and CHTP practice exam are actual samplings of questions taken from the official certification exams that have been rewritten for examination preparation. The practice exams each consist of 25 questions and are broken down by each specific section of the competency areas. You can submit your request for the CHAE and CHTP practice exams on the HFTP website.

Are you ready to travel the path to certification review?

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