Ready, Set, Scan — HITEC Badges Track CPE Credits

Education is important to all of us whether you want to better yourself in your own career or just feed that inherent curiosity people possess. Education is a big portion of all HFTP events, but especially HITEC. However, no matter how mind-blowing or life changing the speaker you saw can be, sometimes it’s really difficult to remember every session you attended at a four day juggernaut conference like HITEC. This can become especially difficult when you are required to keep track of session attendance as part of any professional designation you may have or hope to possess.

This year we want to help you keep track! In each of the HITEC education rooms we’ll provide scanners for those seeking to track their continuing education credits. We have made this a super simple process because we know nothing is more annoying than having to sit down and fill out a paper sheet especially at a technology geared conference.

The session tracking scanners will be placed in the back of each education room. Simply walk up to the scanner and scan the barcode printed on your badge, listen for the ping and YOU’RE IN! Goodbye paper forms, hello HITEC.

Ethics Curriculum

Many professional designations are now requiring continuing education courses in ethics as part of their maintenance curriculum, HFTP included.

HFTP offers an ethics course at all of our events for those needing to obtain these specific credits whether it is for HFTP’s CHAE or CHTP designation or another professional designation. HITEC 2014 and the co-located Club & Hotel Controllers Conference both offer ethics sessions because this is an important topic to the hospitality industry. Nearly every news cycle seems to now have a story of fraud or a cyber security threat. Ethics, these days, is an important part in being a professional whether in hospitality or not, and HFTP strives to help you find the best education out there on the subject.

You’ll see even more ethics educational offerings on the horizon from HFTP, including at our 2014 Annual Convention & Tradeshow in New Orleans, La. and through our ProLinks Webinar program.

Steven Stout, CAE, is director of meetings and special events for HFTP. Contact Steven at

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