Restaurants Deliver Better Results Through Technology

What do you think the next frontier for social media and smartphones will be? Some claim it will be the restaurant table. We are already surrounded by smart, advanced technologies that are integrating into your lives almost unseeing; so why wouldn't our restaurants be endowed with the best new technologies too? Consumers are ready to embrace a brand new dining experience, the catch being that they would like to see their waiting time for a meal or bill be cut in half or less if possible. We are already looking at restaurant and catering companies using apps and websites allowing clients to order food and have it delivered straight to their home, or book restaurant tables online. But what about a restaurant that lets consumers order their dinner using mobile-enabled tweetstream?

Advanced Restaurant Technologies Currently In Use

Unfortunately, restaurants are not very fast at embracing advanced technologies and incorporating them into their serving system. However, there are a few important innovations worth mentioning here:

  • Tabletop e-waiter systems. Customers hate it when waiters take their credit card away and go to the cash register with them, as credit card fraud is on everyone's lips nowadays. This is why it is crucial to for restaurants to start embracing the already-existing restaurant iPad system for self-checkouts. There are tablets that enable tableside self-checkout as well as suggests extra menu items to order. The fact that these tablets help cut 7 minutes off the average stay at the dining table is a huge advantage. Restaurants can serve more diners every night, while customers are much more satisfied as they are getting served faster.

  • But what about when these tablets break, leaving the restaurant unable to function at normal parameters? Don't worry, there are plenty of computer repair specialists who can handle any computer/laptop/tablet/other portable device issue, as well as anything related to networking, cloud systems, or system/software glitches. Restaurants need to keep in touch with the best computer repair people and be able to rapidly gain access to them in case of emergency. Experts like the ones on the Prosco site have a vast experience in their line of work, they are certified and up-to-date with the latest threats, vulnerabilities, and advanced solutions in the field.

  • Mobile ordering is particularly successful in the fast-food industry. Foreign-language apps that enable consumers to order pizza and other foods are extremely popular at the moment. The same goes for iPad order kiosks that enables consumers to sit down, relax, and wait for their order. Walk-aways are prone to be diminished when these iPad order kiosks are used, and a higher number of order is to be expected.

  • When restaurant managers need fast repair service for their broken iPads, they can get in touch with a tech-savvy Prosco expert at +1 (888) 204-8406 and resume their work as fast as possible.

  • Facebook orders. According to a recent study in the industry, almost 100% intend to use Facebook to increase their orders in the upcoming years. Facebook payments are therefore prone to become the next big hit of restaurants. The add-on is prone to be affordable in terms of costs, while the potential to grow sales is going to be extremely large.

  • Digital menu boards as well as gesture-enabled games are also advanced technologies that are prone to become a part of our everyday life in the near future.

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