Returning to the Club and Hotel Controllers Conference for the Second Year

CHCC15EmHeadI am grateful to have the opportunity to be one of the voices of the attendees of HITEC again. Last year’s experience in Los Angeles was wonderful in so many aspects that I was really looking forward to this year’s event.

After returning home from Los Angeles, I decided to get more involved with our local HFTP chapter, and joined its board. This move gave me the opportunity to play a bigger role in the way we locally represent the organization. Until I took this step I never fully considered all the work and precious time that is involved in planning the events for the benefit of the members. It made me more appreciative of the commitment and care that comes into play.

It seems like with all the advancements in technology that make our work faster and more efficient, the real consequence is that we all take on additional roles and become busier with newly found projects. Although it might be hard to take the time off to attend a conference, especially in the middle of the busy summer season, I believe that it is important on both professional and personal levels.

Professionally it is part of our roles as controllers to keep up to date with the latest technology, to ensure both competitive advantage and the best customer experience. In fact, my Club just recently upgraded our voicemail system and switched to a new accounting system as of May 1st, so I can fully appreciate both the excitement and the challenges such major changes involves. It is not easy however to stay in tune with each new development, and that is why the annual HITEC convention is such a great resource for bringing the best and newest all into one place.

Although these are the benefits our employers value, we can not ignore the personal benefits of both networking and socializing, as well as getting a chance to visit places we might not often get to otherwise. For me Austin, Texas is just such a place. It is too far to reach during our family road-trips, which are our favorite kinds of holidays, and I have no personal connections to the town, so admittedly it was not close to the top on my bucket list. Yet, since it became my destination for the conference I started reading about it and I must admit that I am as excited to visit the Texas Capitol, History Center and surrounding parks as I am to see all the HITEC exhibits and play the scavenger hunt.

So my bags are packed, computer and camera batteries charged, and my walking shoes ready for the next adventure.

Henegar_MonicaMonica Henegar is the controller at Capilano Golf and Country Club in West Vancouver, British Columbia and is a member of the HFTP British Columbia chapter where she is a member of the Board.

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