A Series of Must-Read Articles on Cybersecurity Produced by the HFTP Research Centers

Data security remains a pressing concern and top priority for the hospitality industry. The HFTP Research Centers are dedicated to producing findings that can significantly aid hospitality businesses in their efforts to protect their guests’ privacy and personal information against potential cyber threats and attacks.

Most recently, a series of eight cybersecurity articles was published on HFTP Connect. Check out the complete series below, and continue reading HFTP Connect for future updates on cybersecurity and more from the HFTP Research Centers.

Business Continuity Plans: Enhance Cybersecurity in the Hospitality Industry

With countless cyberattacks occurring in recent years, cybersecurity has become an unseparated concern during daily operation. To protect the business from incident influence, a continuity plan that integrates cybersecurity must be designed and well-implemented for hotels, restaurants and clubs.

In this segment, learn everything you need to know about the life cycle of a business continuity plan — beginning with business impact analysis and risk assessment, and ending with implementation and maintenance. Read More >>

The Challenge for Hotels When It Comes to Securing Their Systems

In hotels, guests are a unique challenge to securing hotel systems. This segment examines research on the behavior of traveling hotel guests, their perception of hotel network connectivity, and the data protection practices they use while traveling. The researchers also provide advice for hoteliers to help safeguard their systems. Read More >>

Beware of Ransomware

Ransomware is defined by the United States Department of Justice Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) as a “type of malicious software designed to block access to a computer system until money is paid” (FBI, 2015). Hotels are a prime target for this type of attack. This segment outlines the steps that a business can take to prevent a ransomware attack, and details advice from the FBI in case of a ransomware attack. Read More >>

Outsourcing Cybersecurity and Contracts

There can be multiple reasons why a company would decide to outsource cybersecurity; therefore, companies must know how to traverse finding the company that is the right fit for their organization. This segment explores the various functions that businesses can outsource or co-source, locating contractors for outsourced work, and negotiating contract terms. Also find a directory of valuable HFTP resources to help you with these tasks. Read More >>

Securing the Internet of Things (IoT)

With the technological advancements emerging in recent years, it seems like everything is interconnected. Individuals can change the temperature in their house, open curtains, turn on a light, unlock a door or even track the contents of their refrigerator. All of these items are collectively referred to as the Internet of Things (Iot).

This segment explores IoT and guest technology as they relate to hospitality businesses, as well as valuable tips provided by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to help hotels increase security on Internet-enabled devices. Read More >>

In the Event of a Cyberattack: Public Relations and Responding to the Media

Your organization has experienced a data breach. How do you handle telling your customers? One of the key pieces to a data breach response is the announcement to the public and affected individuals. In order to combat a potential PR disaster, this segment discusses the importance of a solid response plan and timeline for notifying individuals affected by a cyberattack. Review general guidelines on how to manage the media during a crisis. Learn More >>

Cybersecurity Professionals, Education and Certifications

Whether it is an in-house employee or an outsourced vendor, cybersecurity professionals are a must for all organizations — and your IT staff must be adequately sized and trained, as well. This segment addresses training resources, certifications and initiatives to help ensure that your security staff is in the best position possible to handle a potential cyberattack. Learn More >>

Exercise Personal Data Security: Tips to Protect Yourself both Online and Off

It seems that people’s personal information gets compromised all the time nowadays. What can we, as individuals, do to better protect ourselves against all the malevolence out there? Sunny Wang, graduate assistant at the HFTP Americas Research Center and consultant at DPC Hospitality, provides valuable tips to help you secure your personal information both online and off, and make it difficult for the bad guys to invade your privacy. She also provides a list of useful outside articles to help you stay secure. Read More >>

About the HFTP Research Centers: The HFTP Research Centers were founded as part of HFTP’s initiative to provide the hospitality industry with the highest quality resources and research. All HFTP members have free access to the HFTP Research Centers, which include the HFTP Americas Research Center, the HFTP Asia Research Center, and the HFTP Middle East Research Center.

One of HFTP’s strategic goals is to be recognized by the global business community as the authoritative source for information pertaining to hospitality finance and technology professionals. The Research Centers assist the organization in striving for this goal by developing research which benefits the hospitality industry.

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