So Much to do, So Little Time

HITEC 2012 Show FloorHi everybody.  I am getting excited about attending the HITEC conference at Minneapolis in a couple weeks.

The more I look into it the more anxious I become, in a good way.  It looks like there will be an overwhelming amount of information to absorb in just a few days.  There will be presentations and discussions and smart and clever people from all aspects of the Hospitality Industry and I am sure it will take more than a couple moments to orient myself when I arrive.

Minneapolis is a beautiful city, so we can look forward to checking it out as well.  As for the conference; there is a schedule of speakers and panels all day long so you will have to budget your time according to your curiosities and priorities.  The end of Money? A Holistic approach to technology?  What are metamediaries?  I think I want one!  Gotta go.  Talk to you later.

Patty O’Brien is Central Reservations Manager for one of Minnesota’s favorite gaming destinations Manager Grand Casinos. She is always on the lookout for technology and programs that will increase effectiveness and efficiency.

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