Meet the HFTP Global Board: Introducing Shannon McCallum

HFTP is proud to welcome Shannon McCallum to our Global Board of Directors. With a background centered in operations innovation, Shannon brings a unique blend of experience and vision to the board, poised to shape the future of the association….

Meet the HFTP Global Board: Introducing Tariq Valani

In the ever-evolving realm of hospitality technology, HFTP welcomes a formidable new asset to its esteemed board in the form of Tariq Valani. With a distinguished track record in large-scale support projects and digital platform transformation during his time as…

Meet the HFTP Global Board: Introducing Asif Ehsan

In the dynamic landscape of hospitality finance and technology where innovation and expertise converge, Asif Ehsan, CHAE emerges as a beacon of leadership and vision. Coming from a tenured career culminating in his current role as financial controller of St….

HFTP Presents: 2022 Year in Review

For HFTP, the year 2022 saw the return of some of its most popular initiatives and the launch of a successful new program. It marked the bittersweet departure of some beloved HFTP leaders, and the arrival of enthusiastic individuals ready…

Letter from HFTP Global President Mark Pate

The HFTP Global Board Has Exciting News for 2021: Read All About It

Written by: Mark Pate Sr., CHAE, CHTP, MBA By now, most of you have heard of the winter storm to hit Texas last month, devastating in many ways. Fortunately, our amazing Austin, Texas-based staff all came out of it relatively unscathed,…