Tapping Into Wi-fi’s Potential

Wireless Internet is becoming a “must-have” for the hospitality industry. In the recent past, guests would expect either a hardline T-1 connection or cable in their room, or possibly some form of wireless availability on a slow network.

Times have certainly changed!

Hotel Wireless is For More Than Just Checking E-mail
Today’s travelers carry iPads, laptops, wirelessly enabled smartphones and other mobile data devices. And they have the expectation of being able to connect all of their devices to the network wirelessly – using a fast connection.

Wireless is extending beyond the hotel room, too, as convention-goers are now starting to require the same kind of speedy Wi-fi availability.

Guests are using Wi-fi for more than just e-mail. They’re downloading movies onto their laptop, iPad or iPhone. They may be using a streaming video service such as Netflix or Hulu to watch their favorite flick or TV show, or watching videos on YouTube. They may be emailing very large PowerPoint files among colleagues during a conference.

How Do You Leverage Wireless?
Wi-Fi demand is growing. Managing available bandwidth can address the issues brought on by the “capacity crunch.” It can also be an excellent way to generate revenue. Additionally, capturing usage data is an important way to understand where your bandwidth is being used the most.

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Jason Guest is account manager, Americas for Aptilo Networks.

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