Technology, Gambling, And The Hotelier Industry

You wake up every morning and you reach for your phone. You check the latest news and stock exchange figures. You buy or sell with a few taps on the touchscreen. You book a flight and hotel as part of a discount offer for your next week’s business trip; and you cannot help but look at the amenities the hotel has: its own poker room, heated interior pool, and an ultra-modern gym. Checked. How about renting a car straight from the airport? You want it all – why wouldn’t you? The handheld device you are looking at is quite a wizard that can make all your desires come true.

Hoteliers, Wake Up!

Wouldn’t it be a shame not to take advantage of the mobile technology revolution that is spreading more rapidly than any other phenomenon you might have witnessed in your lifetime? Technology is a highly persistent part of our lives; studies show close to 80 percent of people have phones on them 22 out of 24 hours a day. Over 90 percent of Americans own a phone (over 45 percent of which are smartphones), 4 in 10 have tablet, and little over 60 percent have bought a laptop they are using. Browsing the internet, looking for information, shopping, or socializing are the main types of activities all of these users do online every day. But it is not at all uncommon for a smartphone user to play and win online poker on a large poker site like the Ladbrokes Poker room. Or use its Android/Apple poker app to take his gaming on the go, while heading to their hotel room and waiting for an important business call on Skype.

Follow The Trends!  play and win online poker

There are millions of poker enthusiasts in the world and places like Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Monte Carlo, San Jose, Reno, or Los Angeles make millions of tourists contemplate a trip there each year. What can you do as a hotel manager to make sure you’re fully booked when it happens? Constantly keep up with the latest entertainment trends people are interested in –gambling is extremely hot right now, so see if you can add a poker room or a small casino venue at the ground or top floor of your hotel/restaurant. They could do wonders for your revenue figures at the end of the month and stimulate first time customers to come back again.

Tourists enjoy comfort and luxury, and for them to be able to enjoy Vegas-like poker games while out form their hotel rooms and apartments is an amazing thing. Big brands like Ladbrokes constantly create new promotions to attract more players to their virtual sit ‘n’ go, Fort Knox, Maui, Dirty Dozen, Multi Table, or Speed Poker games. Starting with the appealing welcome packages bringing newcomers excellent match bonuses for their first deposits and followed by the new Depositors’ Freeroll, the Weekly Depositors or the Road to the €100k Big Sunday are just a few examples. But there are times when large poker rooms will collaborate with hotels in attractive gambling locations around the world or within the country and offer special vacation packages as prizes for larger tournaments. These prizes consist of flight to and from the destination, a 7-night stay at a 5-star luxury hotel and shopping money. If you want your hotel to make it into the fast technology era circuit, get in touch with the right people today!

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