The 2012 Leadership Summit: An Experience to Treasure

If you haven’t experienced the HFTP Leadership Summit before, what’s stopping you? Some of the best education offered by HFTP is at the Leadership Summit. Not only is the wealth of knowledge and sharing extraordinary; it’s where you develop true relationships with people that will last you a lifetime.

This years’ experience was no different for me, and it made me proud that three members of my chapter, the Florida Manasota Chapter, were able to attend and experience it as well. The Leadership Summit Advisory Council is always challenged to surpass the previous year’s Summit in content, quality and fun. And every year they surprise me, they actually do it! That’s why I keep coming back, even after 14 years, because they always find a way to present great Leadership education. The program is not only designed to help us make our chapters stronger, but make ourselves stronger as well.

The Leadership Summit is always relevant and especially this year with so many rookies joining as HFTP chapter leaders. And, let’s not forget our veterans: Leaders in their chapters, who want to share their “nuggets” of wisdom. When you combine rookies and veterans in joint sessions, it makes you realize that we’re one big family, and in my humble opinion we’re all “diamonds.” As a matter of fact, this year’s theme was “Diamonds in the Rough: Mining, Refining and Polishing Leaders,” and the workshops were, as always, fun and informative.

Veterans and rookies alike learned how to mine for the “diamonds in the rough” in their own chapters. Once identified, we were advised to mentor them to become great leaders within our own chapters. What many people will recognize, is how this is also relevant in our professional and personal lives. We were taught how to find individuals to “mine, cut and polish” and assist them to becoming the “diamond” within themselves.

Is there any better feeling than mentoring someone to their greatest potential and helping realize their own goals and dreams?

I know when I joined many, many years ago, we had about 25 chapter members, with 10–15 really active members. It was always the same board members, no one volunteered to be on the board or on a committee, and quite honestly, we struggled. Every year I gleaned more and more information from not only what the Leadership Summit program taught me; but more importantly, from what other Leadership attendees brought. The attendees shared their experiences, frustrations and solutions.

Today, our Manasota Chapter is 75 strong and has great leaders on our board. As Immediate Past President, I’ll be mining for future leaders for our chapter in the years to come.

As our new HFTP Global President, R.P. Rama, CHA, CHAE, CHTP said, “We are the resource for others; it’s our duty to share and assist each other.” Listening to our past and present leaders is an inspiration, that’s what’s so amazing about our leaders. You know that they want you to be as successful as they are, and know you can be.

So I ask again, “what are you waiting for?” Make your commitment today to get more involved with your chapter. Pick a board member who can be your mentor and will assist you to be that next great leader of your chapter and in your own professional and personal life. Be sure to put Dallas 2013 on your calendar and I’ll see you there!

Sharon Litchfield, CHAE is the controller at TPC Prestancia Association in Sarasota, Fla. Follow her on Twitter @slitchfield

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