The Future of Hospitality IT Spending

Key Economic Indicators Point to Smart IT Spending for Hospitality Sector

As slower economic growth threatens to limit demand for travel, Moody’s Investors Service recently lowered its outlook for the U.S. lodging industry. This sobering news reinforces that hospitality technology executives will be faced with the challenge of “doing more with less” when it comes to IT development in the future.

While all signs are pointing to an extended economic slump for the sector, it is still possible for hospitality IT executives to achieve their goals by investing in the right IT projects that enhance the bottom line and are well, smart.

Align Technology, Marketing and Operations to Increase Economic Value

As many in the sector know, a new dialogue has been emerging that focuses on the best use of information technology to fully meet marketing and operational goals – especially in the face of today’s economic climate.

A recently published white paper by Amadeus and RockCheetah called “Remove Barriers Between Hotel Technology, Marketing and Operations” highlights the creation of the “IT Pathfinder” role to foster greater alignment between corporate business and technology objectives. This person would also identify appropriate solutions and implement the initiatives that create the greatest economic value from a technology perspective.

IT Pathfinder is the New Way to Ensure Smart IT Spending

Simply put, the IT Pathfinder’s mission is to make sure that hotels are being smart with their IT spending. For example, this person would also find the right outside partners who are nimble, cost-effective and focused on building out quality IT solutions that support business objectives.

As the report highlights, the IT Pathfinder can also manage all capital prioritizations. For example, this person can make sure that hotels are operating “asset-light” infrastructures, which includes cloud-based systems, outsourced data centers and Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions – all offer more cost-effective solutions without compromising performance.

While IT budgets may be shrinking for the hospitality sector, there is still plenty of opportunity to invest in technologies and partners that are cost-effective and provide the best return on investment. The reality is that business goals can still be met with the most effective use of IT dollars even during the “more lean years.”

Steve Short is president of NetLink Resource Group. Learn more from him at the NetLink Blog or visit NetLinks’s web site.

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