The Importance of Partnerships: HCAA of Hong Kong

On November 4, 2011, The Hotel Controllers & Accountants Association (HCAA) of Hong Kong celebrated their 20th Anniversary as an association and I was honored to be an invited guest at their celebration.  That day their new publication, A Guide for Hong Kong Hoteliers to the Use and Interpretation of the Uniform System of Accounts for the Lodging Industry, Tenth Edition was delivered from the printers.  HFTP’s logo is on the cover as one of the sponsors of this guide and is an indication of how closely our associations work together.

Hospitality Professionals Across the Globe Connect on the Issues

During the evening I was able to talk with many of the attendees and it was enlightening to see how similar our stories were.  We are all hospitality professionals, just doing our work in different parts of the world.  The issues they face are the same ones we face here in the U.S.  It was then I realized one of the greatest benefits of HFTP’s global partnerships – the people.  It is this sharing of ideas and experiences.

We Value Our Strong Partnership

Throughout the evening I heard from many of HCAA’s members how important their partnership with HFTP is, and I believe we feel the same way about HCAA.  Our industry is global and having partner associations around the world is critical.  I look forward to our continued collaboration with HCAA.

Congratulations to HCAA on their 20th Anniversary as an association!

Lisa Funk, CHAE is director of finance for Alexis Hotels and the HFTP Global president.

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