The Millennial Generation and a New Type of Learning

For many of us, our education was transmission based and many schools still continue this type of education. The teacher passes on the information to the student.

However, today the learning experience is radically changing as we know more about how people learn.

Three Types of Learners

The Fleming model — one of the most popular — states that there are three types of learners:

Visual Learners. The style in which ideas, concepts and other information are associated with images and techniques.

Auditory Learners. The style in which people learn through listening.

Kinaesthetic Learners. The style where people learn by actually doing a physical activity, not just listening to a teacher or watching a demo.

These styles, linked with the advances of technology for learning, have created a new potential learning experience for the hospitality industry.

It’s Not Just Reading, Writing and Arithmetic Anymore

Many times when we hear people complain about a technology, the majority of the time it may be that they do not know how to use it correctly. And with so many new technologies coming to the market place and the importance of technology in our everyday lives, the need for learning will only increase.

Many years ago we based our education on reading, writing and arithmetic.

Today — and for the future — there will be a fourth one to this list, that of technology skills.

Learn More in Upcoming Webinar

The webinar “Millennial Learners: Creating New Learning Experiences for the Hospitality Industry” will cover how hotels, clubs and vendors can proactively create new learning experiences for the industry. With hospitality technology as a focus area, we will discuss:

  • How people learn.
  • Methods to deliver quality learning experience.
  • Ways that technologies can be integrated into the learning experience.

Thursday, November 17, 2011
10 a.m. EST
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Ian Millar, CHTP is a professor of information technology and deputy director of INTEHL at the Lausanne Hotel School in Switzerland.

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