The most exciting technological leaps in the next 5 years

The world is always making incredible technological advancements, and sometimes technology seems to evolve so fast, it’s easy to forget that just 20 years ago, the iPhone didn’t even exist. Nowadays, it’s possible to check a map or access the U.K. bingo site straight from your phone – and that’s just one example of how far we’ve come in terms of inventing cool new gadgets to help both with work and with play. We’ve laid out a list of some of the most exciting new technological advancements which you have to look forward to over the next few years.

To begin with, from next year it will be possible to participate in Space tourism. Admittedly, it will cost around $25m to get to the International Space Station, but less than half a century after the moon landing, this is yet another giant leap forward for mankind. Alternatively, for $200,000 you can buy a sub-orbital space flight from Virgin Galactic.

Meanwhile, back on earth, we are seeing the production of the Sunscreen Pill, an ingestible pill which seeks to protect both the skin and the eyes from the sun’s UV rays. This revolutionary pill is being developed and created by reversing the way in which coral reefs are able to shield and protect themselves from the sun’s rays.

And over in Japan, they’re going back in time as their Riken Center for Developmental Biology are looking to bring back long extinct animals, including Woolly Mammoths.

Zip forward to 2017, and you will find plans to manufacture laser pens with the capability to heal wounds. If these are produced on time, no doubt they will be on the wishlists of hikers and climbers everywhere.

In 2018, it is hoped that Light Peak tech will be fully in motion. LPT is a way of transferring huge amounts of data – over 100 Gigabytes a second, hoping to eventually communicate terabytes within seconds. If Light Peak can be incorporated into consumer electronics, it could revolutionise how we communicate with one another, as entire hard drives can be copied from one computer to another in a matter of mere seconds.

It is predicted that 2019 will bring with it huge leaps forward in fusion technology, allowing us to develop and produce infinite amounts of energy from just a few resources. The one glitch is that, to do this, we need a machine which can withstand a reaction taking place in temperatures of over 125,000,000 degrees. This is difficult, but not impossible, and over in France they are currently in the process of developing a fusion reactor with the power to do just this by 2019. If they are successful, then fusion power could well be within our reach by just 2030.

Finally, in 2020 it is hoped that Volvo will have been able to produce cars which are essentially crash proof, through a combination of sonar, radar and driver systems.

It’s clear that we have plenty of technological advancements to look forward to over the next few years. Keep an eye on our blog for the latest updates on these different gadgets and ideas.


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