The One Thing Your Business Needs Most

people in meetingIf you're like me, your list of to-do's for the day is never ending: take out the trash, balance the budgets, get the oil changed, reschedule that meeting, take you daughter to soccer pratice.. and so on. Our brains are packed with a thousand things and our phones are constantly reminding us of the next place we need to be. We're running on fumes and our families can feel it, and sometimes more critically, our businesses suffer because of it. If you're constantly partially paying attention to someone talking and partially making a grocery list in your head, I've got news for you- you need to do something for yourself. Something low-key, yet exciting, and inexpensive but beneficial. Playing the online lottery is a great way to relax, have some fun, and take care of yourself.

Wait, seriously, online lottery?

Yes, seriously. Repeat after me, "I deserve to retire with beach front property." Believe it or not, online lotteries, like Euromillions, are great places to unwind and take a gamble. Tickets are really cheap- only 2 Euros a ticket and, while they're sold all around Europe, you can buy some conveniently online with just the touch of a button. Doing something exciting and a little risky can be a great stress reliever and you could make a ton of money! In December of 2015, a guy in Spain won an 83,000,000 Euro jackpot with just one ticket!

How does it work? 

Once you've purchased your very cheap ticket, you select 7 numbers. Choose 5 main numbers from numbers 1 through 50 and then 2 Lucky Star numbers from 1 to 11. Lots of people like to use lucky numbers or birthdays to help with their selections, but with their Number Generator Tool, you can get lucky Euromillions numbers at the click of a button. The tool will generate a number for you that is unlike any other number it has chosen for anyone else and it puts a fun spin on things! 

What are my odds?

Obviously the chances of matching all 7 numbers and winning the entire jackpot are very slim, but the chances of matching just 2 numbers, is only 23 to 1- and that still makes you eligible for prizes. Plus, when you go to Euromillions website, you can read a list of the most commonly drawn numbers to help you strategize. Right now, 50 is the most drawn main number and 8 is the most drawn Lucky Star with a draw frequency of almost 22%! Their website includes tips and tricks for making the most of your money. Additionally, you can utilize their blog feature to learn more about playing online lottery and stay up to date on revelant current events. 

Go For It!

Why not? Take a chance on something outside of your usual routine. Do something fun and spontaneous to give you that little bit of adrenaline you need to get through this week. Do something that helps you be the best version of yourself- for your business, for your family, for yourself. 

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