The Tree-Hugging Concept: How it Relates to Trust and the Success of Your Club or Hotel

Written by: Monique MacKinnon

Is it good to hug a tree? Yes! It has been proven that hugging a tree can benefit our mental and physical well-being. Since everything is about energy, can financial controllers positively influence their customers’ and stakeholders’ well-being in a similar way?

Yes, they can — through their level of consciousness.

Consider the following questions:

  • Are you more likely to trust people who trust you?
  • Do you prefer doing business with and being around people with a toned “trust” muscle that has been developed by practicing discernment?
  • If you trust yourself, would trust for others come more easily to you than it would for someone with trust issues?
  • If your company or business is known for being trustworthy and reliable, does this positively influence your brand, competitiveness, prosperity and chances for sustainable success?

What is your gut response to these questions? Is it yes? Please, read on.

On the consciousness scale, trust is at the neutral level. Below this level, you distrust someone or something until proven differently. Above this level, you trust unless — and until — you have a reason to distrust.

If you play tennis or have watched professional tennis players, you will know that they stand mostly at the midpoint of the baseline: the neutral zone, or the change-of-direction point. This is the optimal place, whether you are receiving a serve or a feeling from your gut. You are neither distrusting (closed off) or blindly trusting (ungrounded) — but open and grounded.

Attend the Club and Hotel Controllers Conference (CHCC) this June, where I will be presenting on Wednesday, June 20, 2018 at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, Texas. During my session How to Cultivate Trust and Strategic Leadership Success, we will dive deep — beyond tree hugging — to where you most trust yourself to be successful (and can therefore be trustworthy to others) in your respective club or hotel.

We call this your “eagle-soaring strength.” Your strength will be in one of the following:

(1) Solving problems.
(2) Preventing problems.
(3) Continuous improvement.
(4) Designing futures.

Today, the role of the financial controller has evolved, and now (much like the role of chief financial officer) includes a more strategic outlook and higher-value-added activities.

Unfortunately, working only in the comfort zone of your “eagle-soaring strength” — i.e. solving (1) or preventing (2) problems — can no longer safeguard your job. Adaptability is key to your indispensability.

Examples of applying other “eagle-soaring strengths” include:

  • Driving productivity improvements (3).
  • Learning, listening and applying new knowledge and insights in purposeful ways (3).
  • Providing financial and non-financial data and information across departments (4).
  • Analyzing and developing solutions, such as identifying customers and other opportunities with high profit potential (4).

Becoming more skilled, self-confident and agile across multiple “eagle-soaring strengths” is a surefire way for you to stand out. Trusting yourself, firstly, is key to receiving buy-in from your internal and external customers.

Is this more easily said than done? Fortunately, no! Learning about, and using, your eagle-soaring strengths will move you speedily in the right direction.

About How to Cultivate Trust and Strategic Leadership Success: 
The world is changing at a faster rate than ever before. This lightning speed of change means that today’s club and hotel controllers must be able to adapt fluidly when it comes to both leadership and collaboration — and trust is a very effective adaptation strategy. Through hands-on exercises and group discussions, this engaging session will teach professionals how to grow trust, and explain why trust is an important factor to success in strategic leadership and stakeholder relations.

Register today for CHCC to take advantage of the important lessons emerging from this session, and the many others that will be held during the three-day event.

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Monique MacKinnon is CEO & founder at Energetic Evolution.

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