Top 3 Tips For Ensuring Successful Event Transportation

Organizing a successful event, be it a wedding or a conference requires a great deal of preparation well ahead the time of the event. As a hospitality professional, taking care of logistics often times turns into your number one responsibility. Making all the necessary arrangement to ensure proper ground transportation throughout the entire event is prone to become tricky at times. The bigger the event, the more problems arise. And budgeting, anticipating and catering to all guests' needs, and doing a periodic headcount are just a few of them. No matter if you need to cater to 50 people or 10, you will need to ensure safe and comfortable for everyone.

Having a safe vehicle is critical for ensuring safe transportation.

Tip #1: Only Rent Well Maintained Vehicles

  • It is essential to solely collaborate with car rental companies that you know you can trust. Use companies you have worked with before, or do proper research, read reviews and ask for recommendations and make the best pick.

  • Calculate the number of vehicle you will need and decide whether you also need professional drivers. Limousine or bus rental services for example should also be able to provide you with licensed and experienced drivers.

  • Another huge advantage of renting vehicles for your event's needs is that you can rely on the fact that you will be handed well-maintained vehicle that run withing normal parameters. This means there should be no typical emergencies such as flat tires or jammed ignition issues that normally come locksmith service for company fleets

Tip #2: Use Your Own Fleet Of Vehicles

  • If you are planning on using your own fleet of cars or vans for the transportation needs of your clients, things might get more complicated.

  • You will need to schedule full car checkups at the mechanic's and also talk to a car locksmith service professional and have all the locks checked, rekeyed, fixed, or reprogrammed if necessary. This way, your guests will be as safe as possible while being transported from the airport or various other locations to the place where the event will take place.

  • If you intend to use some of your employees as drivers for your vehicle, you should also remember they must be reliable drivers with a driver's license and nave no criminal record for serious traffic violations.

  • Have spare keys at hand so you can rely on them immediately in case all the hassle of picking up guests from several locations in one day leads to accidental car lockouts or keys missing or misplaced. If you do not have duplicates for all of your vehicles' cars, talk to a car locksmith like the ones at 24/7 Auto Locksmith. They use modern day tools and software that help them cut duplicates almost instantly.

  • Have your transponder keys reprogrammed if you fear some of the drivers you can hired might have cut duplicate keys behind your back and you risk having your cars stolen.

Tip #3: Overestimate The Headcount

Chances are you will not have the final headcount prior to the event. So you will need to do everything in your power to estimate as close to the truth as possible. Corporate outings for example are prone to have a more solid attendance estimate well in advance; but when organizing a wedding, there is a two-week RSVP deadline that will complicate things for you. So the best approach is to overestimate the headcount and have it revised when the numbers are finalized.

Ensure guests who cannot use steps to board will benefit from ADA-compliant cars. Finally, provide a clear schedule and confirm all of your pickups.

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