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For the average person, thinking about the future generates a certain level of fear and anxiety. Whether it is a fear of change or a fear of the unknown, the future can seem vast, vague and uncertain.

But if you follow award-winning global futurist Chris Riddell’s model, reject the fear and embrace the future of our ever-changing world. “It is up to us to embrace high-speed change,” he says. “Those of us who are able to adapt will be the architects of our future.”

As a skilled global pattern hunter, Riddell discovers and identifies how humans are able to successfully adapt to the high-speed change taking place around us. “I’ve got the coolest job in the world. I’m a futurist. I look at trends and patterns that are going on all around the world — and look at how businesses can embrace those and use them to be able to create an exciting future ahead.”


Examining trends and patterns eliminates much of that uncertainty surrounding the future and shows us where our world is headed. “Technology now sits at the very center of everything that we do. The technology revolution has already started — so the next three years of our world are going to redefine the next one hundred. The amount of innovation we are going to see will reinvent this next one hundred years of our world.”

According to Riddell, it no longer matters what industry you are in or what your business is, technology is central. “We are all now in the business of technology,” he says. “Regardless of what industry we’re in, it’s always about technology.” And that includes the hospitality industry — one that is constantly in flux and evolving with technological advancements, while also remaining firmly rooted in the customer experience.

“The crazy thing is, now, technology also enables you to create incredible experiences,” Riddell muses. “Our customers know that ‘good’ is no longer ‘good enough’. So, I am going to show you what the big trends are that are lying around the corner and how you can reinvent yourself for this world of what I call ‘beyond tomorrow.’”

Riddell’s charismatic, insightful ‘beyond tomorrow’ worldview will ultimately transform anxieties about the future into excitement. “You’re going to be empowered and excited about where you can take ‘digital’ for your business.”


During his HITEC Minneapolis 2019 keynote presentation Beyond Tomorrow — The Human Revolution, he will begin to help you answer the all-important question: What exactly is digital?

“Digital is not about technology; it’s not a department within your business; it’s not social media. What it is, it’s a culture, a thread that must run through every single part of your business to create incredible experiences for your customers. Once you start to look at digital like that, I promise you something really special will happen and you’ll unlock a brand-new world ahead.”

Riddell is a global trailblazer ideally suited to present on the future of today’s highly disrupted world to HITEC attendees. He has worked for some of the largest and most defining businesses and brands in the modern world. Notably, Riddell was the first-ever Chief Digital Officer (CDO) for MARS Incorporated — architecting the corporate digital strategy behind brands including Whiskas, Pedigree, Wrigley, Starburst, Masterfoods, Snickers and Maltesers.

Having lived and worked in countries such as the United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Kuwait, China, New Zealand and lately Australia, Riddell’s understanding of our new world is compelling, thought-provoking and comprehensive. He is frequently called on as an industry-recognized inspirational keynote speaker on emerging trends in our hyper-connected world.

“I’m thrilled to be joining all of you at the HITEC 2019 conference,” Riddell says.  “I am going to be talking to you about what lies around the corner in this exciting world that we live in.

“See you in June in Minneapolis —and keep future hunting.”

Register for HITEC Minneapolis 2019 today and do not miss Chris Riddell’s opening keynote presentation on Monday, June 17 at 4:30 p.m.

Briana Gilmore is the HFTP Communications Coordinator.
Briana can be reached at Briana.Gilmore@hftp.org or +1 (512) 220-4017.

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