What Can This Do For Me?

HITEC is here again and this year we are heading for the City of Angels. If you’ve never visited Los Angeles, then this might also be a good opportunity to see what the city has to offer. I’ve been told that it’s an exciting city, but don’t ask me. Apart from a short flight change years ago, I’ve never spent time in L.A., so this trip should be interesting!

I assume that those of us attending HITEC 2014 are looking forward to interacting with exhibitors and expanding our knowledge through the educational sessions – all in an effort to discover what the available technology, new or old, can do for us. Some may also be excited about opportunities to network with peers, explore new business partnerships, or the chance to catch up with friends and colleagues. Hopefully, this year’s event will be exciting, interesting, and fruitful for all of us!

However, as we evaluate how to allocate our time among the various exhibitors and educational sessions, should we be looking for shiny new toys or asking “What can this do for me?” Getting a shiny new toy is always exciting, but personally, I’ll be asking myself the same question over and over again throughout the week: “What can this do for me?” — whether it relates to a technology solution or an educational session.

We all want to walk away armed with solutions or knowledge that will improve our various hospitality organizations. So during this event, I urge you to ask yourself these four questions:

• What can this technology solution do for my business?
• How will this session help me develop professionally and help improve my business?
• Will this solution or concept be a good fit for us?
• Are we ready for it?

There are numerous other questions like these that can be woven around the general concept of “What can this do for me?” Of critical importance is the fact that our ultimate goal as hospitality professionals and organizations is to optimize the total guest experience while remaining profitable — and that is what our time spent at HITEC should help us achieve.

Over the four days, I’ll be keen on learning more about hospitality analytics, big data and privacy issues, technologies that improve the guest experience, small and emerging businesses, and anything else that inspires me. I’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, let’s get excited about HITEC and together make it one to remember. Safe travels!

Samuel is head of analytics and the founder of Nyansapor Analytics, a company focused on the use of analytics in the hospitality vertical. He is currently the secretary of HFTP Maryland Chapter.

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